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How Docker and Puppet Enterprise are enabling legacy enterprises transition to world of digital customer delight

As digital transformation continues to grow, CIOs around the world are focusing on one main goal: delivering delightful digital experiences to customers. It has become the number one CIO priority in 2018.  To deliver on this, more organizations across diverse verticals and markets are adopting DevOps practices and principles to outgun their competition and meet the demand for customer delight. The broad umbrella of DevOps has under it the tasks such as moving apps to the cloud, converting enterprise data centers to self-service, adopting containers or making IT more agile. These tasks are in cadence with the industry’s concerted movement towards engaging the power of digital to gain a competitive edge.


One of the ways DevOps is overcoming hurdles in operational infrastructure is by embracing Puppet Enterprise, a technology that lets you define the desired state of infrastructure and what you want it to do. It lets you reduce time to value when you deploy to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud with its native virtualization stack, Nutanix AHV. Puppet can be used to define, automate, and quickly migrate legacy workloads in existing data-centers, bringing about data center convergence and reducing IT costs. Because all infrastructure (including legacy systems) can be described in a common language, transforming and consolidating onto the Enterprise Cloud Platform becomes easy. Puppet gives you the following benefits on Nutanix infrastructure:


  • Define once, automate endlessly: Unlike any other solution, Puppet lets you focus on what you want your environments to look like, without worrying about all the steps required to get there.
  • Unparalleled scale: Our approach is designed for teams managing the global infrastructure and distributed applications.
  • Consistency: Puppet provides automatic enforcement of your policies, ensuring consistency across your entire software delivery system and throughout your organization.

Another powerful way the value of DevOps is being unlocked is with the proliferation of Containers. They enable a way to configure infrastructure which operations teams can manage and provision automatically through code; thereby getting rid of the need of manual efforts to perform the same tasks. But to truly unlock its value, you would need to take your legacy applications (the heart of many businesses) onto the cloud. To do this, Docker, the leading Container technology company brought out the Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) Program that enables customers to move certain legacy apps into Docker containers, and prepared for use on more modern infrastructure.

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