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How to survive in this turbulent IT service Industry:- 

Ref. my earlier posts , there are pink slips all around, 100000 lakhs jobs loss in IT . Due to consolidation there will be huge job loss in the telecom and eCommerce sectors.
While Indian IT & ITES organizations like Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahendra, Cognizant, are reducing their headcounts in India and ramping up in US , Global giants like Oracle, Facebook, Linkedin, Google , Intel and other MNC’s are increasing their headcount in India.
The answer lies here:-

a. 80 percent of the revenue of Indian IT comes from AMS/IMS/BPO/KPO activities. These businesses works on wage arbitrage. i.e. Revenue growth is directly proportional to people growth. They have all become “people obese” organizations and are now going in for bariatic surgeries to cut the flab under profit pressure. In the hay days when IT was becoming backbone of all businesses globally in nineties and 2000, Indian IT service organizations deployed cyber coolies both onshore and offshore in millions. They became the largest employer in India generating 3mn jobs in India today . This generated a huge demand for technical manpower and Sub Standard Engineering and technical colleges mushroomed, supplying manpower to these Indian organizations. Indian IT professionals also started demanding high salaries and people went for frequent job changes. Now we produce 1 mn engineers of which 95 percent are unemployable. Most of the freshers today get very low entry salary equivalent to blue collar jobs like drivers etc.. The situation has reversed now resulting in jobloss . Thanks to Trump. Automation and AI will take more jobs globally in next five years.
b. Companies like Oracle , facebook, LinkedIn, Google , Intel saw the value opportunity and grabbed the best brains from the top academia and started producing value results, while Indian IT organizations are shrinking they are growing in leaps and bound.
Meanwhile the computing world changed like a tsunami effect. Cloud, Cognitive, AI, Machine Learning ,IOT, Analytics are replacing the conventional IT.
Every organization moving into cloud will result in job loss for AMS, IMS professionals.

Automation will replace conventional coding, testing , CRM and other odd jobs.

Large development projects will change into building micro api’s and SAAS management.
New roles and business opportunities will emerge in
IOT build, development and integrations using automation – Existing developers and architects can transform into this area.
Software Robotics Engine and automation including machine learning will attract many jobs – Existing developers architects and migrate
Devops will open opportunities for both existing application and operations engineers. All you require is to learn devops and transform.
Data center interconnection fabric is poised to deliver on the promise of data center as software defined , dynamic and distributed. . The ability to monitor , manage and distribute workloads dynamically , or to rapidly provision LAN , WAN services through an API , opens up a range of new jobs and possibilities.
There will be a hybrid cloud scenario with $20bn opportunity in cloud migration services requiring cloud experts.
Containers, Micro services, and Application streams will replace existing application architecture . This opens up new opportunities for developers and Architects
Building Micro and Edge Computing environments will open up new vistas for IMS/AMS/Development people.
Smart and dynamic automated self learning portals quick to build and deploy , meeting the business challenges will be the order of the day.
With large unstructured data , data analytics will be part and parcel of any organization
New Roles like Cloud Architect, IOT architect, IT cloud broker , SDN will emerge.
Systems Integration of these technologies will open vistas for many integration engineers.
Transformation of security solution and services , tens of thousands of security engineers, GRC, tools implementation will be required globally
General Project management will go but Technical Project Management with sound knowledge of application of multiple technologies will be required in thousands. This is a big opportunity for the existing project managers.
Domain experts in SAP, Oracle Financials need to transform into using IOT, Cloud.
Top Management from People Management, Customer Management , Delivery Management need to evangelize into value and technology vision and strategy.
This will be the new world , Change and Survive.

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