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  • Introduces the concept of ‘Safe City’ – a robust technology based architecture to deal with security threats
  • The concept of ‘Safe City’ should be approached with a PPP model


In the relentless efforts and commitment towards deploying a robust technology led security infrastructure, Ministry of Home Affairs released a white paper today basis the recommendations from Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) in association with HCL Security Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of HCL Infosystems. The white paper on ‘Safe City’ framework consists of suggestions and a plan to deal with the security threats in front of the nation today. The white paper suggests several measures to overcome the hurdles not only in the short-run, but also presents a defined roadmap to deal with critical security issues both in the medium and long-run.


  • Key Highlights:
  • Urged Government to launch National Infrastructure Protection Plan
  • To establish a robust centralized secutiry system thus, pushing the concept of Safe City
  • Stressed on the importance of Public Private Partnership so as to follow a comprehensive approach to curb threats to the security
  • To establish Centers of Excellence and training institutes to spread awareness on technology amongst the community at large


Today, the world economy is adversely affected by the increasing threats to the security of life, critical infrastructure, economic centres etc., which has led to heavy spending. Government of India is also equally concerned and CII along with HCL has taken a step forward to work towards fighting security threats and make India safer for tomorrow.


Mr. Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General CII stated that the emerging security trends transcend public-private barrier and there is an imperative need to evolve a structured and regular interaction with the stake holders, both in the private and government sector to effectively deal with the challenge. He further suggested that CII that the security of key cities should be taken on a priority. All the megacities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad should have an integrated security system installed at the earliest.


“Today, people in our cities live under constant threat and there is an urgent need to draft and implement a strong security framework for Indian cities. With this white paper, we intend to focus on the concept of ‘Safe City – a concept that integrates technology with the existing security process and local security machinery such as police, to offer a proactive system that aids in prevention, protection, detection, containment of threats, along with reporting and effective response module. ‘Safe City’ framework will also aid in centralised decision making and day-to-day operational activities like traffic management, crowd management, intelligent surveillance.” explained Rothin Bhattacharya, CEO, HCL Security Ltd.


“There could be no society that can flourish and become economically stable under any kind of threat to the security of its citizens. We want our cities to be well prepared for any situation as we cannot ignore that our detractors are using sophisticated information technology to sneak into the security systems and putting lives of the millions at stake. With our commitment to work with government for nation building, we hope the concept of Safe City could be realised in its true sense in the near future to come.” he added


The recommendations are in four different phases which would help to implement ‘Safe City’ across the country and increase the safety index. The document has laid importance on the systematic investment plan with a focus on incorporating technology in necessary security initiatives, since effective & streamlined use of technology, can increase the ability to prevent, detect, protect, respond and recover from attacks and also minimize the occurrence of waste, fraud, and abuse. The experts at HCL Security and CII have also suggested conducting regular security audits based on which critical areas of concern could be identified and worked upon.


The paper talks about how Government could work on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model which will involve private parties to participate in building a secure city. This would mean involving technology solution providers, consultants and system integrators work in close partnership with Government to solve security needs of homeland and infrastructure. Such a model will ensure industry facilitation that would result in enhanced economic growth, higher employment ratio, etc as witnessed in developed countries, this has been suitably exemplified by the US Govt.’s PPP model. Ideas of linking insurance with terrorist threats in order to minimise the breach of security at the macro level and creating mass awareness by setting up training institutes to educate people about the technology and ensuring that people could understand the technology and by becoming tech savvy could be the first responders at times of emergency, have also been suggested in the white paper. By such initiatives an individual could also contribute to the state’s security at various levels.


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