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HCL CDC to provide training in CA technology, enabling students to understand the principle of governing, managing & securing IT and infrastructure management


HCL Career Development Centre (CDC) has announced a tie-up with CA, Inc., world’s leading independent IT management software company.  HCL CDC will provide CA technology training as part of student career programmes, enabling students to gain expertise in CA products and follow promising career paths in the global IT industry.


The CA – HCL CDC tie-up has been designed to develop widespread skills in CA technology. Expertise in CA technology will enable students to understand the principle of governing, managing and securing IT to optimum effect, while CA Education courses provide award-winning curricula and a rich learning experience.


Gavin Selkirk, Corporate Senior Vice President & General Manager of CA Asia Pacific & Japan, said: “This formidable partnership will meet growing demand for qualified professionals, able to understand and contribute to the increasingly significant role CA technology plays in organisations all over the world.”


Commenting on the tie up George Paul, Executive Vice President, HCL Infosystems said, “Given the fast pace of the evolution of technology in today’s world, it is imperative for any organisation to have specialists who understands and deliver across the IT spectrum. At HCL CDC we aim to train our students across best available technological platforms in the world and hence, this tie up with CA is a step in the right direction”.


With over 100 centres across the country, HCL CDC offers a complete spectrum of quality training programmes on software, hardware and networking, as well as various global certifications in association with leading IT organisations worldwide.


HCL CDC career programme students will learn about CA technologies such as:

CA Spectrum
CA Spectrum ensures the smooth functioning of business services and networked applications dependent on reliable networks, physical and virtual servers and databases. CA Spectrum’s patented root cause analysis technology provides rapid incident identification and resolution. After completing this course, candidates are ready to work on industry-wide network fault management solutions, thereby opening up numerous avenues to high-paying jobs, as more organisations opt for the CA Spectrum Network Fault Management Solution across India and abroad.


CA eHealth
CA eHealth Performance Manager is a powerful tool that identifies network bottlenecks to enable timely action. This tool is designed to help improve IT service quality and IT efficiency while reducing costs, and proactively manages performance of an organisation’s IT infrastructure that could include voice and data networks, physical and virtual servers, databases and client-server applications. After completing the course, a candidate is empowered with the knowledge of using this robust solution in network performance management. Such candidates are then able to work with top organisations utilising the CA eHealth solution across India and abroad.


CA Access Control
Delivering a first line of defence against data-loss events, CA Access Control helps organisations apply appropriate security controls around server-based resources that include data, files and applications, while providing proactive reporting to support regulatory compliance procedures. This product provides managers with the insight to anticipate and manage new security challenges. After completing the course, students will hold a specialism in deploying organisation-wide security solutions that provides huge added value to their existing skills. This opens up the possibility of securing lucrative jobs in organisations that have incorporated CA Access Control data security solutions in their networks.


CA Desktop and Server Management
Desktop management is critical to remaining competitive, improving staff efficiency, lowering costs and increasing end-user productivity. The solution helps ensure smooth, secure and uninterrupted transfer of information across an organisation. Fewer interruptions and increased security in a business environment translate into increased service levels, direct cost savings, improved end-user satisfaction and closer alignment of IT with business objectives.


CA service desk products
These address the common challenges of managing service commitments, keeping end users productive and customers satisfied by simplifying and managing complex service and support requirements. Solutions feature workflow-driven ITIL automation for incident, problem and change management and provide end users with self-service capabilities. CA service desk products manage service levels to ensure response time commitments are met and automated customer surveys are conducted to maintain high-quality support. After completing the course, students can explore ever-widening job avenues in service desk support.


About CA

CA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CA), the world’s leading independent IT management software company, helps customers optimize IT for better business results. CA’s Enterprise IT Management solutions for mainframe and distributed computing enable Lean IT—empowering organizations to more effectively govern, manage and secure their IT operations. For more information, visit www.ca.com.


About HCL Career Development Centre (CDC)

Among the fastest-growing IT education brands in India, HCL CDC offers a complete spectrum of quality training programmes on software, hardware and networking, as well as various global certifications in association with leading IT organisations worldwide.


HCL CDC is an initiative that enables individuals and organisations to benefit from HCL’s expertise in the IT space. The company has ventured into the field of IT training with an objective to meet the increasing demand for skilled professionals across the country.


The company has formed alliances with leading IT corporations, such as Microsoft, Red Hat and Oracle, that help in obtaining valuable input for augmenting the curriculum, as well as in adopting global best practices in IT education. For more information please visit us at www.hclcdc.in


About HCL Infosystems Ltd.

HCL Infosystems Ltd. with revenue (LTM) of US $ 2.6 billion (Rs. 12,307 crores) in financial year 2009 is one of India’s premier hardware, services and ICT system Integration companies offering a wide spectrum of ICT products that includes Computing, Storage, Networking, Security, Telecom, Imaging and Retail. HCL Infosystems Ltd. aims to be a one-stop-shop for all the ICT requirements of an organization. One of India’s leading System Integration and Infrastructure management services organizations, HCL Infosystems Ltd. has specialized expertise across verticals including Telecom, BFSI, E-Governance and Power. HCL Infosystems Ltd has one of India’s largest distribution and retail networks for ICT products, taking to market a range of Digital Lifestyle products in partnership with leading global ICT brands, including Apple, Cisco, Ericsson, Kingston, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Microsoft, Nokia and Toshiba. HCL Infosystems Ltd. today has one of India’s largest vertically integrated computer manufacturing facilities; with over three decades of electronic manufacturing experience, and HCL desktops are among the largest selling brands in the business enterprise space. With one of India’s largest ICT services networks that reaches most regions in India, HCL’s award winning support services make it a preferred choice of enterprise and consumers alike. For more information please visit us at www.hclinfosystems.in

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