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HCL InfiNet, the wholly owned subsidiary of HCL Infosystems, India’s premier information enabling and integrating company, has announced a tie-up with OmniTouch Pte Ltd, a CIAC Certification Training Consortium Partner. The CIAC Certification is a standard that is gaining wide acceptance in the US and other parts of the world with the industry partners and outsourcing firms. HCL InfiNet is launching the CIAC Certification and CIAC Training programs in India for the first time.


CIAC Certification is the first industry recognized certification credential for call centre professionals. It is a standardized certification process that assesses, validates and formally recognizes specific areas of expertise based on the requirement of the job role defined within the call center industry. This is the first time in India that a certification is being introduced for the call centre personnel rather than the centre.


Announcing the tie-up, Mr. J V Ramamurthy, President, HCL InfiNet, said, “CIAC Certification will lend greater authority to the call centre profession by establishing competencies that define the knowledge, skills and behavior required for superior job performance. CIAC Certification will enable call center professionals to manage processes more efficiently and value add to their organization’s offerings to their clients.


HCL InfiNet will be conducting seminars & setting up CIAC Certification testing centers at New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The first seminar will take place in the last week of July at New Delhi, followed shortly by Mumbai and Bangalore.


Fredia Barry, President CIAC says, “CIAC Certification establishes industry-recognized knowledge and skill standards that specify for call center professionals and their employers that is necessary to achieve performance excellence. Further, CIAC Certification helps to cultivate a call centre workforce of highly capable professionals with specialized expertise.” Expressing her opinion on the relevance of CIAC Certification in the Indian context, she said, “CIAC Certification is an extremely valuable marketing tool for Indian call centre outsourcers. Outsourcers with a CIAC-Certified management team can assure clients and potential clients that their call centre business is being managed in accordance with industry-recognized best practices.


Speaking about the tie up with HCL InfiNet and launch of training for CIAC Certification, Director of OmniTouch Pte Ltd, Mr. Daniel Ord says, “OmniTouch is pleased to be working with one of India’s most prestigious organizations, HCL InfiNet, to bring the CIAC standard to the Indian Call Centre industry. With the increasing competitiveness of the global Call Centre market, CIAC Certification will become an important differentiating factor for both organizations and individuals.


About HCL InfiNet

HCL InfiNet portfolio of services includes Virtual Private Networks (VPNs); Broadband Internet access; Hosting and Co-location Services; Designing and deploying Disaster Recovery solutions and Business Continuity solutions; Application services; Managed Security Services and NOC services. All these services are delivered with a Turnkey approach, which includes delivering InfiNet’s core service, third party hardware & network provisioning, maintenance activities and Project management.


About OmniTouch Pte Ltd

OmniTouch provides training and performance solutions for organisations and individuals in the Call Centre and Service industry. With strategic business partners in the U.S. as well as a network of offices across Asia, OmniTouch delivers measurable improvement in employee and customer value for local, regional and multi-national clients.

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