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  • HCL World Environment Week to spread awareness on safe disposal of e-Waste
  • Customer education drive between May 31st to June 5th, 2010
  • Recently ranked in the Top Five green electronic companies of the world by Greenpeace


HCL Infosystems Limited, India’s premier hardware, services and ICT system Integration Company announced an array of activities around e-waste disposal beginning from today to commemorate World Environment Day. The program will be rolled out across 505 ‘HCL Touch’ centres spread over major metros and semi urban areas India. Through this initiative, HCL Infosystems will enable its ‘HCL Touch’ centers across the country, to accept eWaste from its customers and put it in safe diposal process. Under this education campaign, HCL Infosystems  will also encourage people to dispose-off defunct IT equipments such as computers, keyboard, scanner, printers etc in an environmental friendly way.


Mr. George Paul, Executive Vice President, HCL Infosystems said, “Today sustainability has to be acknowledged as a pivotal point in any organisation’s growth. HCL Infosystems has led from the front with many first like ISO 14001, BFR and PVC free products including India’s first PVC-free notebook launched this year. Adding to this, we became one of the very few companies in the world to commit to sustainable, environment friendly growth in our vision and mission statement. With this commitment, we have taken an initiative this week to make our employees, consumers and other stakeholders aware of e-waste management issue that is affecting us immensely in today’s world. “


HCL Infosystems has planned host of activities like the awareness programme on how to reduce individual carbon footprint through educating people to dispose-off e-waste in a more responsible manner collaborating with dealers and distributor community. HCL Infosystems has installed one such programme at Nehru Place in New Delhi for general public.


Once the e-waste donor hands over the e-waste to HCL Touch representative, the representative will register the e-waste donor and gives an acknowledgement receipt after confirming the parity between e-waste declared in the form and actual e-waste brought.


HCL Infosystems has been ranked globally in the Top Five green electronic companies by Greenpeace. The company has taken several initiatives to impart a sense of environment protection among employees, consumers and other stakeholders ever since the world realizes the need of protecting our environment from the increasing carbon footprint.


About HCL Infosystems

HCL Infosystems Ltd, with revenue (LTM) of US $ 2.5 billion (Rs. 12,057 crores) is India’s premier hardware, services and ICT systems integration company offering a wide  spectrum of ICT products that includes Computing, Storage, Networking, Security, Telecom, Imaging and Retail. HCL is a one-stop-shop for all the ICT requirements of an organization. India’s leading System Integration and Infrastructure Management Services Organization, HCL has specialized expertise across verticals including Telecom, BFSI, eGovernance & Power. HCL has India’s largest distribution and retail network, taking to market a range of Digital Lifestyle products in partnership with leading global ICT brands, including Apple, Cisco, Ericsson, Kingston, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Microsoft, Nokia, and many more. HCL today has India’s largest vertically integrated computer manufacturing facility with over three decades of electronic manufacturing experience & HCL desktops is the largest selling brand into the enterprise space. With India’s largest ICT services network that reaches to every corner of India, HCL’s award winning Support Services makes it the preferred choice of enterprise and consumers alike. HCL Infosystems has a 100% subsidiary that addresses the physical security technology system integration market. The subsidiary leverages technology to build a security framework called ‘Safe State’ that safe guard’s life, infrastructure & society. For more information please visit us at www.hclinfosystems.in

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