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HCL Infosystems, India’s premier information enabling ICT System Integration Company today showcased its future range of products and launched breakthrough customer service technology at the four-day ‘Computex 2009’, the largest computer exhibition in Asia and the second largest in the world being held at Taipei, Taiwan. HCL unveiled two new upcoming products at the event – ‘HCL Electron’ – WiMAX enabled Nettop and ‘HCL Leantop Series’. Besides this, HCL also showcased World’s first ‘in-built design for support’ in the form of HCL Touch key and EC2 key on HCL desktops and laptops – a unique concept that helps customers with quick support at the touch of a button. HCL plans to launch its upcoming range of products showcased at the exhibition soon in India.


“Computex 2009 is a platform for us to showcase our latest offerings that will continue to enhance consumer experience. In-line with our strong heritage of product innovation, we have launched HCL Touch key and EC2 key in our desktops and Leaptops that will offer consumers quick customer service support at touch of a button. The ‘HCL Electron’ Nettop which is WiMAX enabled, is envisioned to cater to growth in broadband technology expected in India over next few years”, said Mr. Ajai Chowdhry, Chairman & CEO, HCL Infosystems Ltd.


Key Highlights:

  • The four-day ‘Computex 2009’ is the largest computer exhibition in Asia and the second largest in the world being held at Taipei, Taiwan.
  • HCL showcasing its upcoming range of products at the event
  • HCL unveils world’s first ‘in-built design for support’ – HCL Touch key and EC2 key on HCL desktops and laptops for instant customer support
  • HCL announced ‘HCL Touch for Desktops’, the unique 24X7 customer support service for desktops users
  • Showcases two new upcoming products, ‘HCL leantop Series’ of leaptops and ‘HCL Electron range’ of WiMAX enabled Nettops


Among the products showcased by HCL at the ‘Computex’, is the ‘HCL Electron’ Nettop. The new product is WiMAX enabled. This product underlines company’s strong heritage of offering latest in technology and enabling affordable IT solutions for the masses. HCL’s ‘Electron’ Nettop not only facilitate these but also promises to propel growth of broadband in India.


Under the upcoming range of consumer ultra low voltage (CULV) category, HCL also showcased its ‘HCL Leantop series’. The notebook weighing just 1.5 kgs, comes with never before feature, ‘Hot Keys’ for HCL Touch & EC2 for instant customer support. By pressing HCL Touch key the customer gets linked up through internet to HCL technical specialist for any remote support they might require. HCL also announced launch of ‘HCL Touch’, the unique 24X7 customer care service for the desktop users.


EC2 Technology, Self-healing in 60 seconds – Revolutionary ‘Embedded Continuity & Control’ (EC2) technology enables self-healing of computers, in case of a system crash or accidental loss of data by the user. EC2 technology automatically stores and updates an image of its own working state at regular intervals. This image is a complete record of all data, including software and user data, residing inside the computer at any given point of time. In case of a system crash, malfunction or accidental loss of data, a user can simply reload the previously recorded image and thus have the computer working exactly like it was when the image was recorded. EC2 takes less than 60 seconds to reload the complete image; therefore the computer never has a downtime of more than a minute, no matter how grave the fault was.


HCL Touch – Landmark 24x7 global customer support service, is delivered through India’s largest IT Service & support network. A network that, reaches out to over 4000 towns, The HCL touch network consists of 14 remote support centres, 505 service offices, 390 Ware houses & 150 repair centres, all of which are company owned, making it India’s Largest Direct IT service Infrastructure. The service offers telephonic support in 11 Indian regional languages, response and repair within 24 hours, SMS & Email based support facility among other highlights.


About HCL Infosystems Ltd.
HCL Infosystems Ltd, with revenue (LTM) of US $ 2.7 billion (Rs. 12,445 crores) is India’s premier information enabling and ICT System Integration company offering a wide spectrum of ICT products that includes Computing,Storage, Networking, Security, Telecom, Imaging and Retail. HCL is a one-stop-shop for all the ICT requirements of an organization. India’s leading System Integration and Infrastructure Management Services Organization, HCL has specialized expertise across verticals including Telecom, BFSI, E-Governance & Power. HCL has India’s largest distribution and retail network, taking to market a range of Digital Lifestyle products in partnership with leading global ICT brands, including Apple, Cisco, Ericsson, Kingston, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Microsoft, Nokia, Toshiba, and many more. HCL today has India’s largest vertically integrated computer manufacturing facility with over three decades of electronic manufacturing experience & HCL desktops is the largest selling brand into the enterprise space. With India?s largest ICT services network that reaches to every corner of India, HCL?s award winning Support Services makes it the preferred choice of enterprise and consumers alike. HCL Infosystems has a 100% subsidiary that addresses the physical security technology system integration market. The subsidiary leverages technology to build a security framework called “Safe State” that will safe guard life, infrastructure & society.


For more information please visit us at www.hclinfosystems.in


About HCL Enterprise:
HCL is a $5 billion leading global Technology and IT Enterprise that comprises two companies listed in India – HCL Technologies & HCL Infosystems. Founded in 1976, HCL is one of India’s original IT garage start-ups, a pioneer of modern computing, and a global transformational enterprise today. Its range of offerings spans Product Engineering, Custom & Package Applications, BPO, IT Infrastructure Services, IT Hardware, Systems Integration, and distribution of ICT products across a wide range of focused industry verticals. The HCL team comprises over 60,000 professionals of diverse nationalities, who operate from 23 countries including over 500 points of presence in India. HCL has global partnerships with several leading Fortune 1000 firms, including leading IT and Technology firms.


For more information please visit us at www.hcl.in

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