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  • 7” (17.74 cms) screen size
  • Weighing less than a kg
  • Offering a true mobile internet experience with full PC functionality

Keeping its promise & heritage of always being the first to introduce the latest in technology for Indian markets at most affordable price, HCL Infosystems Ltd., India’s premier information enabler and country’s leading ICT system integrator and Distribution Company today launched ‘MiLeap’ India’s first full functional, ultra portable range of laptops that offer true mobile internet computing experience at a price point starting from Rs.13,990/-


The new range of Leaptops are sleek and light weight, yet offers a full PC functionality with true internet experience, heralding in a new category which holds the promise of being the future of personal mobile computing.


‘MiLeap’ is targeted at consumer who needs to stay connected, informed, entertained and productive-anytime and anywhere. It’s lightweight and small in size makes it so convinent, that one does not think twice about carrying it to the office, home, gym or park, or using it in a train, bus, plane or metro.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ajai Chowdhry, Chairman & CEO, HCL Infosystems Ltd. said, “HCL is proud of its strong heritage of leading the technology revolution in India. With a legacy of having pioneered India’s first micro-computer, the country’s first desktop PC and the first home PC, at HCL it’s always been our endeavor to create technologies that touches lives. This revolutionary new range of Ultra Portable ‘MiLeap’ Leaptops will herald in a new category of computing devices, opening up a wide range of new usage scenarios and application areas.


“As an Indian company, we at HCL have a vision of empowering the nation through the adoption of IT at all levels. This new category, backed by HCL’s reach through its nation wide distribution, service and support network will revolutionise the PC penetration in India and brings us a step closer to this vision,” Mr. Chowdhry added..


Speaking at the launch of HCL’s new product, Mr. Ramamurthy Sivakumar, Managing Director – Sales and Marketing, South Asia, Intel said, “In a world where the access to information technology is really the passport to the 21st century, Intel and HCL are determined to broaden the number of people who can get access to the internet. Many different areas of our society benefit from broadband internet access as it gives opportunities for our children to learn, opportunities for the rural population to have 21st century learning and business tools, and opportunities for small business to compete on a national and world wide scale. Affordable access to information via broadband internet is the key to keeping India growing fast and competitive in the new global economy. In order for us to broaden the number of people who can have access to those things, we need to make the internet more affordable and accessible to a much larger number of people. The product that HCL is introducing today is an excellent step forward in that direction. The Indian market for information technology has tremendous potential, and has the opportunity to lead the world in delivering affordable solutions for the masses. Intel is pleased to partner with HCL to make this a reality in India.”


In today’s networked world, where internet connectivity is increasingly available on the move, more and more applications are exploiting the internet to increase productivity, offer value added services, deliver entertainment and enable people to stay connected.


Such is its adoption that Internet has evolved from being just text oriented, to today it becoming more visual with multi media content and a interactive platform. The number of users and members of online communities such as You Tube, Face Book, Orkut, and Google etc are increasing every day. Concepts of on Line Social and professional networking and working or playing on the move are a reality today.


The ‘MiLeap’ range of Leaptops with its ability to deliver true mobile internet experience will trigger the development of a number of new application scenarios for such useful and exciting online mobile application for day to day life.


Its Ultra portable form factor makes it convenient to carrying it with oneself, opening up limitless possibilities in new usage scenarios e.g in Corporates and Small businesses the ‘MiLeap’ range of Leaptops will enable true automation of their mobile field sales and service teams bringing to them the power of real time information on the move. The HCL MiLeap Series of Ultra Portables are uniquely suitable for Women and School Children due to its sleek and ultra light design.


Among the products showcased today the HCL ‘MiLeap’ X Series Ultra Portable range of Leaptops breaks the Rs. 14,000/- price barrier. With prices starting at Rs 13,990/- the HCL ‘MiLeap’ X series, which is specially designed for the Indian environment delivers exceptional value at a very affordable price.


Available with both flash-based and disk based storage versions, its sturdy design incorporates features that make it dustproof, shock-proof and durable. Both the models have network ports, are Wi-Fi ready, have the option for “Data card” and are available with GUI enabled user friendly Linux OS.


Also launched today is the HCL ‘MiLeap’ Y Series Ultra Portable Leaptops breaking the sub Rs 30,000/- price barrier. Ranging from Rs 29,990/- onwards this range of Ultra Portables are at half the price point of current similar products available in the market.


The HCL ‘MiLeap’ Y Series, powered by the latest Intel Ultra Mobile Platform & Microsoft’s Vista Home Premium, operating system weighs just 960 gm. This ultra Portable Leaptop comes with a Swivel 7’’ touch screen, 80GB HDD, wireless connectivity, Data Card option, blue tooth & Ethernet network port offering full PC functionality with true internet experience on the move.


The MiLeap Top Y Series incorporates a unique Navigational Pad that offers multiple navigational features such as touch screen, thumboard, stylus, keyboard, mouse and One touch buttons, making it one of the most intuitive products. It also features a Swivel 7” display cum note pad, making it a pleasure to input using a stylus and hand writing. The Microsoft Windows Vista Home premium powered MiLeap Y series is priced at Rs 33,990/-


Designed using the latest Intel Ultra Mobile platform- Intel processor A110 & Intel 945GU express chipset- this energy efficient lower power silicon design consumes less power, reduces thermal impact and gives an extended battery life. HCL being a socially responsible organization and conscious of the environment, both products are fully RoHS compliant with low energy footprint design.


Marking the occasion as HCL’s tribute to the nation, the company announced that the new range of HCL Leaptops will start shipping on 26th January coinciding with the Indian Republic day celebrations.


HCL also shared that they are going to come out with even more exciting products in this new category.


About HCL Infosystems

HCL Infosystems Ltd, with revenue (TTM) of US $ 2.9 Bn (Rs. 12162 Crores) is India’s premier information enabling and ICT System Integration company offering a wide spectrum of ICT products that includes Computing, Storage, Networking, Security, Telecom, Imaging and Retail. HCL is a one-stop-shop for all the ICT requirements of an organization.


India’s leading System Integration and Infrastructure Management Services Organization, HCL has specialized expertise across verticals including Telecom, BFSI, E-Governance & Power.


HCL has India’s largest distribution and retail network, taking to market a range of Digital Lifestyle products in partnership with leading global ICT brands, including Nokia, Apple, Casio, Kodak, Toshiba, Bull, Ericsson, Cisco, Microsoft, Konica Minolta and many more.


HCL today has India’s largest vertically integrated computer manufacturing facility with over three decades of electronic manufacturing experience HCL desktops is the largest selling brand into the enterprise space.


With India’s largest ICT services network that reaches to every corner of India, HCL’s award winning Support Services makes it the preferred choice of enterprise and consumers alike. For more information please visit us at www.hclinfosystems.in


About HCL Enterprise

HCL Enterprise is a $4.4 billion (Rs. 18,525 crore) leading Global Technology and IT enterprise that comprises two companies listed in India – HCL Technologies & HCL Infosystems. The 3-decade-old enterprise, founded in 1976, is one of India’s original IT garage start-ups. Its range of offerings span Product Engineering, Custom & Package Applications, BPO, IT Infrastructure Services, IT Hardware, Systems Integration, and distribution of ICT products. The HCL team comprises approximately 51,000 professionals of diverse nationalities, who operate from 18 countries including 360 points of presence in India. HCL has global partnerships with several leading Fortune 1000 firms, including leading IT and Technology firms. For more information, please visit www.hcl.in

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